Development Team

  • Dalai
    - Code, design and animations.
  • Solaris
    - Level design, models, skins, sound, music, and voice.
  • Cythe
    - Skins, 2D Art and voice.
  • DusKer
    - Design, concept art and the Ortega campaign.
  • Nachimir
    - Deep space freighter Aspirant.
  • Ulukai
    - BioLab Facility.
  • Voice actors:
    - DeepQantas, Hidden_Wolfe, Lizanneh, Microwave, Mordengaard, Raven and BrokenArts.
  • QA testers:
    - Omega, DeepQantas, Chainsaws, Wildbill, Biohazard, Immortius, TheAlbaniac, SMithy, Master-Builder and Nachimir.
  • Thanks to:
    - Eljoelio for his initial AI code.
    - Predator for the Sentry Gun model.


Contact us

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